Friday, November 21, 2014

A Deerly Beloved Thrift Store Vignette

Recently Alice from Thoughts from Alice requested bloggers to join in a ‘Holiday Thrift Store Challenge’.
She was worried whether or not people would be up for it.
Well, did we ever surprise her.  .  . 30  people answered her call and I happened to be one of them.
The challenge was to buy something (or things) for $25 or less and transform them into something for Christmas or create a vignette.
I didn’t hesitate a bit when I read her e-mail.  Sounded like a grand idea to me!
The past three years I have had a bit of a vintage deer fetish.  Every time I go to a thrift shop or an estate sale I have my eyes peeled for them
Recently I scored this sweet thing for $1.  He’s velvety soft and has a tag saying “made in Norway”.
Every year before it freezes I bring my Rosemary plant indoors.  I love using it for Christmas décor as well as cooking with it.
It was a teeny tiny start that I picked up at Walmart for $1.50 on Clearance.  Originally I planted it in my wheelbarrow fairy garden as a little pine tree.  By Fall it had become a giant tree. lol!
I thought that it would make a cute ‘Christmas’ tree!
and it will smell wonderful as well.

Rosemary is the perfect plant for Christmas. . .it signifies love and remembrance.
What a sweet reminder of the Love we have for our Savior and the Remembrance that he died for us.
I planted it in this rustic galvanized pail that I picked up for $4 last summer.
Tied a bit of burlap around the center and stuck in a few branches.
Perfect for showing off a few of my vintage ornaments.  I bought the box of Shiny Brites last year for $4.
The long ornaments are not a thrift find.  They are from our first Christmas tree  back in ‘1972’.
I love how some of the ornaments have remnants of spray snow on them.
The bottle brush tree was a damaged goods store find for $3.  I think I am going to try bleaching it.
Even the sprinkling of snow was a thrift find.  I can always use more snow and  the bag was only 50 cents.
I played a little and tried putting this estate sale (free) mirror in the background.  It was brown and I painted it with homemade chalk paint.
The reflection from the mirror is kind of fun.
Which vignette do you like best?  With or without the mirror?  
Even if you had to buy a Rosemary plant this is very economical.
This simple ‘thrift store’ vignette cost me right around $12 and took about 15  minutes to throw together..  It’s sure to be Deerly beloved by me!

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  1. Love your deer Jann and the rosemary tree ! I think I would use the mirror as a tray and put all my goodies on it :)

  2. Love, love, love this vignette Jann! So whimsical. I actually love both with and without the mirror. You have quite the knack for these things. Thanks for joining with me in the challenge!!

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  4. Very Cute Jann and love the Idea of using the rosmary .. Hope you have a great weekend...

  5. Love your vignette Jann. That little deer is so adorable. I love the simple and love the ornaments you have. Again my friend queen of holiday vignettes!!!!

  6. Such a cute vignette!

    Amy Jo

  7. Jann what a cute vignette and I love this challenge! FUN! I like the mirror! I'm going to visit the other links!

  8. Jann I love these sweet vignettes with your thrift store finds. The rosemary tree with ornaments is adorable in the old bucket. Wishing you and yours a happy Thanksgiving week ahead. Blessings. Pam

  9. I have such a soft spot for this vintagy looking deer too. I never see them here though. Boo Hoo!!
    I always love all of your displays!!
    xo Kris

  10. So very sweet. Love the deer and ornaments! x

  11. I like the vignette with the mirror. Gives it dimension. Your little arrangement is adorable. I wish I'd thought to bring in my rosemary. The scent is so intense. I will keep my eye peeled for vintage ornaments. Even though I gave up my big tree, I see I could tuck them in here and there! Precious vignette!

  12. This is so sweet. What a cute little guy to display! : ) Beautiful job!!

  13. danke für die inspirationen!!! einen schönen freitag wünscht angie

  14. I love your vignette especially with the mirror. It adds more sparkle and interest. The deer is adorable!

  15. I'm loving your little rosemary tree! This turned out so pretty! Kyla @

  16. I too have a thing lately for small deer, flocked or porcelain. I have collected three of them so far and never thought to use them for Christmas decorating. Love your vignette both ways!!

  17. jann, i love it in the pail! it looks perfect and i love the addition of ornaments! i just love rosemary, too! smells amazing!

  18. What a charming and whimsical vignette! And the deer is adorable! I remember having these little flocked animals when I was young. I always love rosemary and so perfect at this time of year!

    Love the vignette both ways!


  19. I love it, it's adorable! I have plenty of buckets and a lamb? so maybe I can copy!

  20. Very pretty, Jann! The little deer is so cute, and the rosemary makes a perfect little tree! And the mirror is such a nice touch!

  21. Such a cute vignette! Love the rosemary in the pail too! I love having rosemary in my kitchen, such a lovely aroma.

  22. What a sweet vignette, Jann! I think i like it with the mirror for an added reflection.

  23. Jan, I am foolish over vintage Christmas balls! I love this!

  24. I love homemade Christmas vignette! Yours is so sweet with the deer, the old bucket and the rosemary plant.

  25. Jann, That is the cutest little vignette. I like your deer. and those old ornaments. Blessings for a wonderful weekend, xoxo,Susie

  26. What a gorgeous vignette! Shiny Brites are my favorite and I am totally in love with that sweet little deer!!

    Melissa @ Shabby Love

  27. some of those Christmas balls are from the 50's. My parents had those and passed a few on to me. They are extremely delicate!

  28. Oh Jann, LOVE this vignette--what a fun challenge! Blessings, Cecilia

  29. Fun vignette and I love rosemary too.

  30. I love this! It is adorable! I actually like it with and without the mirror!

  31. Love your creative display Jann! I like the mirror, think the reflection enhances your sweet display. Somethong about those cute deer, I agree.

  32. So adorable! Great Christmas vignette ;)
    Hugs, Jamie

  33. What a sweet little vignette! All of the little details came together wonderfully! (And I love the mirror, but like the vignette without it :) )
    xx Charlotte

  34. What a sweet vignette! I love the ornaments so much!

  35. I adore that little deer. So sweet, Jann. I like the vignette with the mirror. It adds another dimension. I like the rosemary, too. Nicely done. xxx ~ Nancy

  36. What a darling vignette!!! I love it and I think I like it better without the mirror. Not sure why because usually I prefer mirrors. Although it looks great either way. You did a fabulous job. Hugs, Beverly

  37. A lovely vignette and it must have been so much fun to create it for the challenge!

  38. LOVE your little tree, jann! and the mirror is great!

  39. This is so adorably creative. I love it! The deer? What a find.

  40. I love this vignette both ways! And I love that your "tree" is rosemary! I brought my small potted rosemary in for winter, as well, but never thought to decorate it! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  41. You're right-rosemary IS perfect for Christmas! I love that fragrant plant, love the meaning, and love what you've done with it. I've decorated plenty of bare branches, but never thought to mix them with fresh greens. Just beautiful!

  42. How did I miss this? Where was I?!?!?! I have several odd little deer - they are something I can never pass up!