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Monday, June 27, 2016

June in the Garden and Garden Party

Hello my friends, summer is officially here.
Happy to be celebrating our 3rd Garden party.   My how time flies when you're having fun!  :)
In case this is your first time here, this is a joint party between the sweet gals from Thoughts of Home and Carol and I, (two of your hosts for Share Your Cup)
The first two weeks of June my gardens were bursting with color and the rock wall was filled in and so lush because of our unusual amount of summer rain.
The poppies put on a show like no other!



and white lit up the rock wall.  The salmon colored ones opened up later and I missed getting a photo.
My French lilac is a later bloomer than all of my others.  It was gorgeous, but then the rain stopped and the heat hit and it didn't last long.

I love it when things begin to bloom by our pondless waterfall.  The Dutch Iris came and went in one big hurry as well.
June is when I welcome my beautiful Clematis. Colors ranging from pink, lavender, to purple.

as well as my bell flowers.

My Juipiters Beard bloomed for what seemed an entire month this year and was breathtaking!
I love this colorful combination of the alliums and foxtail lilies!
For one week gorgeous peonies bloomed alongside them, but I missed getting a photo.  :(
But now, it is what I call a transition period.  It has been so warm and I have been cutting back like no other.  The garden did not have nearly the color for our grandson's wedding on Saturday, but with everything going on, it was o.k.
The Larkspur dots the hillside with a lot of purple.  Each year I seem to get less and less white and pink. 

I have two and three butterflies swarming around every day and I love it.  Last week I saw an unusual black and white
 swallow tail.
You can see how tall everything grew because of all of the early summer rain.


 The garden is ever changing.  I use to have Hollyhocks along the fence in the middle of the garden.  Now they have seeded and popped up behind our fire pit and are hidden underneath trees.  You can hardly even see them.  Really not photo worthy, but I shared them anyway. 




and feverfew.
Three of my summertime favorites that I look forward to ever year are lavender,
our hot wings maple tree, and

hydrangeas.  The gorgeous pink and blue ones don't do well here in Utah, but we can still have some pretty ones.  This one is called, Incrediball.  It's young, but when older the blooms are huge.
That just about does it for my June garden.  I have been so busy with wedding prep that I haven't had the time to visit blog friends.  So looking forward to seeing what you all have to share!
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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Share Your Cup #203

Welcome to Share Your Cup (SYC ), the party where you share what makes you happy - it's what your hosts call "filling your cup".

It's Carol's turn to share her favorites for the features this week, but first let's take a peek at what your hosts have been up to.

Jo is still taking a blogging break, but I am sure she is whipping up beautiful creations  - it's what she does.

Jann gathered all her bee related objects for her post,

and Carol compared herself to the bees in Busy Bees.

 After reading the post More Bliss at Podso, I wrote about Puttering around the house and garden.

And now, it's time to see Carol's favorites - way too many fabulous choices this week!

Sherry of Thrift My House shared her beautiful and thrifty Backyard Garden.

In Just My Cup of Tea, Kim of Sarah Lizzies shared the adorable lamp her husband made for her and as she called it her "newly tarted up" chair.

In Farmhouse Linen Cabinet
 Meg of Hello Farmhouse talked about finding the perfect old piece for the guest room of their 120 year old farmhouse - she says the wavy glass makes her smile!

I just love this Repurposed Sled
 shared by Redo It Yourself Inspirations.

Amy of Ms. Toody Goo Shoes shared her beautiful Summer Deck.

Sherri of To Simply Inspire shared a recipe that has me intrigued and I must give it a try - who would have thought to make Chocolate Avocado Pudding.

Also wanted to let you know that our third garden party with the gals from Thoughts of Home will go live Monday morning.  Hope you can hop over and share your garden posts!  Or anything related to the garden.

Thanks so much for sharing and be sure to grab our button if you were featured.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

The "Bees Knees". . .

Hi my friends,
have you ever wondered just what in the heck the saying,
 "the bees knees" really means?
I know I have.  So I did what all inquiring minds do. . .
I googled it.  :)


Excellent - the highest quality'
Well, isn't that just the 'bees knees'?  hee-hee,
couldn't wait to use it!
You all know how much I love finding vintage items at thrift shops.  But, did you know that it doesn't necessarily have to be vintage to be 'the bees knees'?
Just look at this sweet little mug I found last week.  Isn't it just bee-utiful?  Yup, the bees knees!

Last year I was elated when I spied this beehive cloche at a thrift shop in Provo.  I knew exactly what it was.  It came with a cake stand and was sold at Desert Book for some pretty big bucks.  No stand, but that was okay with me.  I had one that was just a shade darker, but I knew it would work.
Look what I found at the same time as the mug.
The brown one, complete with the stand and in it's original box! A $20 score!  Wait for it, wait for it, the 'bees knees'!
As I looked around as to what I wanted to display inside it, this sweet sunflower pincushion made by my sis caught my eye.

The chocolate brown center was perfect for this cake stand.  Yup, the 'bees knees'!

Notice how much bigger this stand is than my yellow one.  It is one big baby!

These fun Debbie Mumm glasses are another thrift find that isn't old.  Still, the bees knees!
By now, my home is usually all decked out patriotic.  With the upcoming wedding I haven't taken the time to pull it out. 
I am still enjoying my bee theme.
This thrift find honey pot was missing it's top, but for 50 cents I couldn't pass it up.

Along with these sweet little dipping bowls. I even brought home a single shaker.  It's a beehive, how could I not?

These S&P shakers were a vacation find.  Not a thrift shop, but reasonable at a consignment store.

I won this little b&w cubby at bunco last month.  Perfect for my table d├ęcor.  One might say, it's the 'bees knees'!

My friend, Connie just made the apron.  See the cute buzzing bees?

Well one thing is for sure.  You may forget this post, but you surely aren't going to forget the saying, the 'bees knees' anytime soon!  lol!
and in case you're wondering,
There's no profound reason to relate bees and knees other than the jaunty-sounding rhyme. In the 1920s it was fashionable to use nonsense terms to denote excellence - 'the snake's hips', 'the kipper's knickers', 'the cat's pyjamas/whiskers', 'the monkey's eyebrows' and so on. Of these, the bee's knees and the cat's whiskers are the only ones to have stood the test of time.