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Friday, February 5, 2016

Unfinished Business!

Hello my friends,
today I want to share with you a topic that I think, (hopefully) we all can relate to.
Please tell me I am not alone when it comes to,
Unfinished Business.
Yes, I hate to admit it, but I have quite a bit of it hanging about in my home.
I started this 'Grandmother's Flower Garden' quilt three years ago and here it sits waiting to be finished.
I've began working on this cute wool mat for Easter.  My friend, Amanda generously shared her pattern with me.
Determined that it doesn't end up in my 'Unfinished Business' pile.  :)
The other day I reached into my sewing tote to get my floss and pulled out a bag filled with someone else's 'Unfinished Business'.

When ever I go to an estate sale or thrift shop I am filled with delight if I happen to run across 'Unfinished Business'!

Notice that this end of the tablecloth is finished, but the other three still need the leaves to be stitched.
I smile when I think of the hours that another women spent lovingly working on this project.

The napkins are complete and ready to be sewn.  On my to do list!  (wink)
I think that the woman who started this would be so happy to see me finish it, don't you?
Now here's the best part. . .the pattern!

I love that it says it's a 'Bridge Set'!!  Gosh, maybe I'll have to take up playing bridge.  lol!  I do play pinochle, think that will count?
This beauty was gifted to me by my cousin, Betty.  It's a large tablecloth that my Aunt Viola had never started.  As you can see I haven't even begun to make a dent in the hours of work it will take to finish it!
How cute is this skirt kit?  Scored it at a thrift shop.  This one will not be finished.  Just love the fun packaging!
Oh, I wish I could say that I only had those few things in my 'Unfinished Business' stack.
But no!
This hexagon quilt is waiting to be added to.
And why, oh why, can I not get back to sewing the rows together on my basket quilt?

One might agree that I am a woman who has too many
 irons in the fire!
Just last night I learned a new fun and fast way to make hexies.
Would love an entire quilt made up of these.  But then, I'm thinking it will end up in my 'Unfinished Business' pile.
Let's just hope that when my time comes that someone will love finding my 'Unfinished Business'!
Leaving you with a little something that made me smile.
Yesterday when I finished vacuuming I went to unplug the cord and saw this.
The cord had literally twisted into a heart.  Definitely
 love at home!  :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Share Your Cup Thursday #183

Hello and welcome to Share Your Cup (SYC for short)- 

the party where you share things that make you happy - it's what your hosts

call "filling our cup".

Let's see what we have been up to that filled our cups this week.

Jo's beautifully written post this week,

showcases her fabulous Valentine d├ęcor.

Jann showed us a sweet pillow she sewed from a vintage chenille spread in Chenille #4

and decorated the mantel in her living room with the theme, SEW in Love With You.

I talked about "Living Well" by taking the time to add the little extras to everyday events

and showed off a pillow I recently knitted (inspired by a post by Lory of Designthusiasm) in Rainy Days.

And now to the features - Carol had difficulty narrowing it down to just 6.

My love of whimsy had me going back again and again to look at this fun chandelier that Lory of Designthusiam has hanging in her Dream Butler's Pantry.

Each week Carmen, of Carmen Whitehead Designs, shows techniques for art journaling and one of these days I am going to get out my supplies and get back to journaling.

Debra of Frugal Little Bungalow shared about how making One Monthly Goal public inspired her to finish this gorgeous quilt. 

I fell in love with this beautifully transformed piece shared by Lynn of Quaker Hill Farm in Shades of the Sea and might just copy it for a dresser I want to update.

I felt a connection to Sherry of Thrift My Cottage who showed this lovely corner in Changing Up the Chalkboard because she was recently received the cute banner from Connie of Crafty Home Cottage and I also own a sweet banner from Connie.

I love the title of the post from Nitka Design - My Happy Place and she has inspired me to make a bunny of my own.

Thanks for sharing and grab our button if you were featured.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Chenille #4

Hello my friends, outside it's snowing and blowing,
but inside it's warm and cozy.
Perfect time for sharing my vintage chenille!
I shared it on Instagram right after I made them and got a lot of sweet comments.
I always have my eyes out for old chenille spreads at thrift shops and estate sales.  I had not had any luck but then, all at once I started finding them.
My count is now up to #4.
You know, we've all heard of Chanel #5, well this is not quite the same; but every bit as lovely.
I love chenille, but really don't need 4 spreads.  I pick them up with projects in mind.  One was so nice that I let a granddaughter use it on her bed. 
One is purple and I think it will be fun to use for spring.
I found one with pom poms and it's a beauty.  I thought I would make the shams out of it, but after laying it out I liked the fringe better.
It ended up in the living room.
 Now for the how to's:
Start by cutting a piece of chenille the size of your pillow form plus 1/2" for seams.  Mine was 27" square.  I cut it 27 1/2" x 27 1/2".
Normally this would be the front of your sham, but because I wanted the fringe to hang over on the front the solid piece is going to be my back.
Next cut two pieces for the front.  One  approximately 2/3rds.  I cut mine 16 x 27 1/2.  The other piece cut 1/3 plus 5 inches for overlapping.  I cut mine 12 inches x 27 1/2.  This is where I used the fringe piece.  (Make sense?) 
 8 inches was 1/3.
Iron down 1/4 inch on one long edge of the piece you cut 2/3rds.  Then fold it over again and sew for a nice finished edge.

Lay your large square down with the right side facing up.  Then with right sides together lay the smaller 1/3 plus 5 piece at the top.  Next with right sides together place the larger piece you hemmed to the bottom overlapping in the center.

Pin edges and sew (normally a 1/4" seam.  chenille frays so I sewed a 1/2" seam to make sure it held).
I always backstitch well where the two pieces overlap.  It gives it extra strength and keeps it from ripping after taking pillow form in and out.
Trim each corner to eliminate bulk.
 Turn right side out.

I use the end of a sharpened small dowel to push the corners out nicely.

Insert your pillow form and voila!  You have a lovely euro sham.

The hardest part is cutting the second one to be the exact same placement on the chenille.  :)

I still love my 'Good Morning, Good Night' pillows gifted to me by sweet Carol from Art and Sand
I found the Love pillow at T.J. Maxx a few years ago.

I pulled out the handmade lace coverlet I scored at an estate sale for $30.  I could hardly believe that it was big enough to fit our king sized bed.  Before now I have just used it on my kitchen table.

I draped one of my small Valentines table toppers across the bottom edge and added a ruffled pillow to the bench.

The night stand got dressed up with this sweet runner given to me by my friend, Amanda last year.  She had me as her 'secret pal' in a club we belong to.

Sending a little Valentine 'love' your way this cold February day!
I will be sharing with these lovely parties:

Friday, January 29, 2016

SEW in Love with you!

Hello my friends,
 I'm not sure when it started, but as long as I can remember I have been a 'theme' girl.
Give me a theme and ideas start running rampant in my mind.
I'm not sure if it's a blessing or a curse!  lol!
(now that I've confessed this, watch someone give me a theme and my mind go blank)  :)
I just finished watching the BBC series, Paradise.  I loved the character, Denise.  I think it was because she always had ideas popping into her head.

I enjoyed it so much that I decided to carry on a similar theme with my living room mantle this year.
SEW in Love With You!
(I gifted my stitching group friends with the chalkboard clipboards a few years ago for Christmas.  Of course, I made one for myself.)  Old spools wrapped with handmade lace and a heart made from an old cutter quilt) 
All it takes is stepping into my sewing room for lots of vintage sewing treasures to help carry out my theme.

The Old White Rotary was scored at a yard sale years ago.
I made the hearts from old linens.
I recently found the little shoe at a thrift shop.  I added a bit of stuffing and covered it with a piece of an old quilt.  A pretty pin and a spool charm helped to dress it up.
This sweet altered art heart was one of my first give away wins.

In high school mom made all of my dresses.  I don't recall, but I wonder if she used one of these to measure my hem?

I love old buttons, wooden spools wrapped with yummy colors of thread, and pretty much any vintage sewing notion!
I've always loved the old tomato pincushions.  Can't resist picking them up whenever I run across one.  I found the oil can in OR last summer.  Love the sweet pink pin stripes!

I picked up the cute angel at the 'fleology' sale.
I draped a faux crystal and paper heart banner from the mantle.
Just a little reminder that I am
SEW  in love with you!
 I wish I could say that I am everybody's 'Dream Girl',
but no;
I am your 'Theme Girl'!
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